Betting on CS:go at GGbet Philippines

Esports is attracting attention because it is a new industry that is interesting to watch. However, professional players have long been referring to this phenomenon as a way of permanent income. Moreover, this opportunity is provided by the GGbet PH bookmaker, which we will talk about in this article.


How to start betting on cs:go

A player who wants to start earning bets on eSports and CS GO must prepare in advance for numerous nuances.

First of all, it concerns the fact that not the athletes we are used to compete here. If football players, tennis players, hockey players and others have a priority in physical form, then in cs go it does not make any sense at all.

Here the factor of psychology and mood is important. Many eSports athletes can simply lose competitions one after another without even showing half of their maximum. You will learn why this happens later in this article, but for now I would like to talk about the technical preparation for such bets.

First of all, you need to find a platform that could offer a similar market and good conditions in terms of marginality. Ordinary bookmakers do not see prospects in e-sports and leave all their potential to traditional sports.

However, we are lucky that not so long ago GGbet Philippines bookmaker was developed, which focuses on all types of e-sports in the world, and especially on CS GO. So, we strongly recommend that you first go to this site and go through a simple registration procedure.

ggbet PH GGbet registration on the official website

After that, you can proceed to replenish your account. At this stage, you will be in for a pleasant surprise, because the company gives all new customers first deposit bonuses.

Get a betting bonus

The GGbet bookmaker is already considered the most generous company in the gambling market in the world. To verify this, just go to the bonuses section on the site and view all active offers at the moment.

bonus ggbet PH

At the same time, the company never stands still. For example, we know that regular bookmakers have their own standard bonus, which is offered to all new customers all year round. Its conditions hardly change, but GGbet PH always has something new for you.

At different times, you can go to the site and read information about what is available to you:

  1. First deposit bonus – replenish your account and get the same amount of money as a bonus;
  2. First bet insurance – a certain amount of bet is given, which can be bet on any CS GO event and in case of loss, the bookmaker will return the money to you;
  3. Freebet – a free bet for a certain amount from a bookmaker;

Also, there are many promotions with increasing odds, drawings of valuable prizes and other opportunities to earn easy money.

Betting markets

Now let’s move on to betting on CS GO. You can immediately say that there are no more outcomes like here on any other site. This is the main feature of the entire company, thanks to which they have reached such proportions.

For example, about 200 markets are offered for a regular CS GO match of not the most popular event before the match.

bet cs go

Among them you can find outcomes for the winner, totals, odds and many other standard offers as in traditional sports. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that you can bet on individual segments of the game. Due to this, the number of outcomes in live will be increased.

In larger tournaments, the bookmaker gives you the opportunity to play exclusive outcomes, whether it be the number of kills from one player, the weapon that he used and many other options.

How to choose a championship to bet on

In order to increase its line, the GGbet bookmaker constantly broadcasts amateur matches and competitions. This has its own advantage, because you can establish good betting and constant earnings in this way, but be careful.

There are a lot of rumors on the Internet that esports remains corrupt and match-fixing is taking place here. So, being confident in the victory of one or another team, you should not spend large sums to win them.

Moreover, many well-known teams with professional players who cannot be imagined taking part in fixed matches can simply give the victory to the opponent. This is due to the fact that it simply does not make sense for large teams to spend their energy on non-prestigious tournaments with a small prize pool.

So, if you want to bet on matches that will take place in a fair fight, and your opponents will show all their maximum, then focus only on major competitions.

How to choose the team that will win?

If it is clear with the choice of tournament and match, then another question arises – on whom to bet? For analysis, you can use the same methods that work in conventional sports. For example, you can study the statistics, as well as the ratings of the athletes who are on the team.

By the way, you should pay special attention to the composition of the teams, because they are constantly changing and some transfers can become key. Also, it is worth paying attention to the workload of the team schedule. It is unlikely that those lineups that earn big money from tournament to tournament and beat rivals will be motivated to repeat success.

Moreover, it is worth monitoring the morale of cybersportsmen. Don’t forget that they don’t have exercise, discipline and other factors that we see in a real sport. The outcome of the fight can be greatly influenced by parting with a girl, and you can only learn about such situations on social networks.

And finally, it is worth saying that the bet on winning is not as profitable as it seems at first glance. It is much easier and more logical to bet on total or odds, which will allow you to increase the likelihood of betting and the final earnings at a distance.

How not to miscalculate with the map on which the teams play

CS GO is a very popular game, and you should not be surprised at the large number of cards in it. However, there is one card that remains iconic and considered the best in the whole world. We are talking about De dust 2.

Most major tournaments focus on this map, but in some cases there is a mixed one. To understand all the subtleties and nuances, you should study them yourself, and then start betting.

So, the best solution is to bet only on matches in those cards that you understand. Or, based on statistics, understand which map for a particular team is the most winning.

cs:go betting tips

Remember that you want to make money in a rather specific discipline, where there are a lot of terms and nuances. The most likely to make money in CS GO bets are gamers who like to shoot in this shooter at least for fun, and not at a professional level.

In addition, it is worth considering such useful tips as:

  1. Use only safe financial management strategies;
  2. Learn the terminology of cybersportsmen;
  3. Carefully monitor the composition of the teams;
  4. Study the statistics of recent matches;
  5. Focus only on popular tournaments;
  6. Do not bet on a large number of matches.

These rules will help not only save your bank, but also increase it.

How to create your own bidding strategy

First of all, you need to understand which outcome in painting is the easiest for you to play and earn. Remember that the outcome of the winner is not very passable, so it’s worth trying the totals.

Moreover, it is not necessary to play the whole game. The bookmaker’s office GGbet Philippines allows you to flirt bets on segments of the game. With the right financial strategy, this will lead to success.

By the way, about the choice of financial management. Do not forget that all betting is on two pillars. We are talking about the strategy of flat and catch-up. Both strategies allow you to earn, but one of them is safe, and the other can drain the entire bank in a matter of hours. The only difference is what final profit to receive.

To understand such nuances and make your own betting strategy that will bring a steady income, you need to gain experience in betting. So, read as much developmental material as possible and try to play with small amounts so that it does not bring losses in the pot.

How to bet on cs:go in ggbet Philippines

Finally, consider an example of a bet on CS GO at the GGbet bookmaker. After registration and replenishment of the account, you can proceed to the selection of a sporting event in the line or live of the company.

Next, you need to click on the match you are interested in and select the outcome you want to bet on. As soon as you clicked on the outcome, the event will go to the coupon, where it will be enough to enter the amount for the bet and make a bet with the bookmaker.

Bet csgo ggbet PH

All bets that have been made will appear in the betting history section of the bookmaker’s personal account. Also, don’t forget about betting on LOL and Dota 2 on the official GGbet website.


As you can see, there is nothing complicated about betting on Cs GO at the GGbet PH bookmaker. This is a really great way to make money, so be sure to take advantage of it right now.