Betting on Dota 2 at GGbet Philippines

Many professionals say that the most profitable option for making money on bets is eSports. Dota 2 remains the most popular discipline, and the bookmaker accepts bets on favorable terms. Each of you should take advantage of this on the GGbet Philippines bookmaker website.


Should I bet on Dota2

For many players, eSports remains something incomprehensible and unpredictable, but gamers have already learned how to make big money on it. In many ways, this is due to the fact that eSports has its own nuances that bookmakers do not know about.

This is due to the fact that the entire sports analytics department in each bookmaker is focused on football, tennis and other traditional sports. They just have a hard time understanding the specifics of Dota and they don’t provide a good lineup and odds.

However, the GGbet bookmaker has become a leader in providing such bets. This company knows how the market works and reduces its margins to a minimum. So, if we talk about the rationality of betting on Dota 2, then the answer is obvious – you will get a lot of money on this type of eSports only within the framework of this company. Well, do not forget that you need to understand this area and learn to bet according to all the rules of Dota.

Description of the gameplay

There is nothing difficult in the process of playing Dota, as it is familiar to millions of players around the world. If you have never played this strategy, then we will explain the basic rules and the very essence.

Two forces are fighting on the map – darkness and light. Each player has their own specific hero, which has distinctive abilities from others. There are so-called tanks, supports, healers and many others.

gameplay dota2 in GGbet

This game attracts by the fact that it does not matter at all which player you got at the beginning of the game to win it. The interaction and correct tactics of each team player is important.

After the start of the game, all participants must go to pump their level and abilities. Experience is given for the destruction of creeps, creatures scattered on the map and killing other players.

The main goal is to destroy the enemy base, which is located in another part of the map. It is impossible to approach her at the initial level, since she is surrounded by enemy towers, which can destroy an undeveloped character in a couple of hits.

To understand the whole essence of the game and gameplay in more detail, it is recommended to download Dota yourself through Steam and complete the tutorial in the game itself.

Best Dota 2 Betting Tournaments

At the moment, Dota 2 has begun to catch up with tennis in popularity and is getting closer to football. Live matches are sometimes watched by millions of players around the world. For this reason, new tournaments appear every year.

The most prestigious are those that offer the largest prize pool. For example, the main dream of every player is to take the International. At the last tournament, the winners were able to take 40 million US dollars.

If you choose a tournament for betting, then first of all focus on its prize pool. The more money the organizer is willing to pay, the more effort the favorites will spend on it and there will be no problems with motivation.

The best heroes to bet on

It has already been said that Dota has a huge selection of characters. An athlete will play for them, and you just bet on them, so there is not much point in choosing a hero and betting on him.

However, there are players whose calling is precisely that they show the best game in the world for a certain character. For example, Dendi remains one of the most legendary players in history. He played the character Pudge the best in the world and became his association.

Of course, when this character was blocked when choosing opponents, the opponents breathed a sigh of relief, and smart betters immediately made bets against. Now that kind of monitoring is also important, but the bookmakers also change the odds when picking heroes, so you have to be very quick and look at each team member’s recent match statistics to find their most suitable character.

Betting on teams in Dota2

Despite the fact that the game itself has a lot of its own features, the most popular way to make money is regular bets on teams.

You should not think that the bookmaker will always offer to bet on a specific character or athlete. Such variants of markets are only found in large tournaments.

Moreover, professional players say that they are difficult to earn. For this reason, it is worth paying attention only to the usual rates that are available in painting.

The best types of bets

The GGbet PH bookmaker offers a huge selection of bets on Dota 2 matches. If you go to the list of any match, the player will see the same outcomes as in traditional sports.

For example, there is a bet on the winner of the match, totals, odds, individual indicators, statistics and much more. Most of all, exclusive options are attractive, where you can specify the team that will get to Roshan first or make first blood.

bet ggbet PH dota

Marginality of such outcomes is very low. This means that at a distance, with the right analysis, you can easily go into the black.

Also, it is worth paying attention to a large number of outcomes by segments of the game. Professionals recommend focusing on them. Sometimes, matches can be very long. Why athletes just get tired and make mistakes. For this reason, many matches do not end the way the analysis suggested.

In the case of segments in the game, we are offered bets on a certain card or markets under the name up to a certain minute. Thanks to this approach, you can get a quick win and establish productive betting.

Item bets

In the past, it was very popular on GGbet to bet on in-game items. They are called skins. For example, it was possible to take a character’s clothes and put them at a certain price with which they are sold on the market.

However, there is no point in this, because if you win, you get an equivalent item that you can sell either for a lot of money or for very little.

It is much easier to play with real money and understand what benefit you will get at a distance from the odds that you have played, than to blindly bet on items that may not pay off.

Don’t be afraid of fixed matches

It’s time to dispel one of the main myths in Dota 2 betting. Many players say that there are a lot of fixed matches in this kind of e-sport. Perhaps such games really exist, because some players simply cannot refuse good money, especially at the beginning of their career.

However, it is very easy to avoid getting into the same match-fixing. It is enough to forget about betting on amateur tournaments and bet only on top competitions. There, the players are fighting for big prize money and fame, so they have no options to play dishonestly and deprive you of your well-deserved earnings.

How to place a bet

Finally, let’s give an example of how to place a bet on the GGbet Philippines bookmaker’s website on Dota2. First, you need to go to the site and go through the registration procedure. Next, proceed to replenish your account and take a welcome bonus for each new player along with it.

Once you have decided on your bet option, you can go to the line or live section and find the match you need. By clicking on it, the full list will open, and if you click on the outcome, it will be added to the coupon. In it you need to enter the amount of the bet and make a bet.

GG bet How bet dota

As you can see, there is nothing difficult to start betting right now. So, go to the site of this bookmaker and start earning in a new way right now.

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We are sure that Dota will be able to please you with large winning and constant earnings, and the bookmaker will delight you with promotions and bet insurance on an ongoing basis.